People are thinking about moving to Gibraltar after Brexit vote

Tiny British Overseas Territory bordered by Spain voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the EU


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If you can't handle the prospect of the UK leaving the European Union, then perhaps Gibraltar is the place for you.

The tiny British Overseas Territory, which is bordered to its north by Spain, voted emphatically in favour of the Remain campaign in Thursday's referendum with a 96% majority.

The 'Rock' of Gibraltar and La Linea, Spain as seen from the coast of Southern Spain. View related images in my portfolio below:

But soon after the Gibraltar result was announced – they were confirmed first – the first signs that a Brexit vote would win the day became evident as a significant Leave victory was announced in Sunderland. People immediately started googling "move to Gibraltar".

Google reported a significant spike in the search in the capital – although we're not sure how many people have been contemplating a move to the Iberian peninsula beforehand.

The population of Gibraltar is just over 30,000 and, while they might not quite be bracing for an influx of disillusioned Remain voters just yet, they might be considering just how they can vote so emphatically for something and get the alternative.

They might also wonder just who those 4% were.

It was expected that a large majority would vote to Remain given Gibraltar's geography and the fact that Spain is pretty eager to claim it back, despite most residents holding British passports. A total of 823 of them decided it was still time to Leave.

Still, it couldn't get worse. Right?