This is the world's only seven-star hotel

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai even has its own helipad

The World's Only Seven Star Hotel

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is straight from a fantasy and it's referred to as the 'world's only seven-star hotel'.

For those that are lucky enough to stay there a Rolls Royce will pick you up at the airport but if that's not good enough for you why not step it up a notch? You could also have a helicopter swing by and pick you up.

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The 28th floor of the hotel has a helipad so it's not an unreasonable request. Oh, and it's not just used as a helipad - the spot also hosts tennis matches and golf games too.

Upon entry into the hotel you will be greeted with treats and fountains and when you're hungry, your options are endless.

You can choose from one of the hotel's nine restaurants and bars.

Probably one of the coolest parts about the Burj Al Arab is that it sits on an artificial island!

There's more, the hotel even has a private butler service available to guests, along with gold-plate iPads offered to everyone staying there.

You might also be in for a little shock when you see the bill too though. To spend one night in a deluxe one-bedroom suite at the Burj Al Arab in September this year, you'd be looking at a price tag of around £925... time to get saving!

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