Naked restaurant in Japan bans 'fat' people

No tattoos, no one over 60... and no one with any flabby bits allowed

Japan's First "Naked Restaurant" Bans Fat Diners

A restaurant for naked people is opening this month in Japan. Please form an orderly queue.

Before you visit, you'd better learn the rules: no clothes, no tattoos and no one outside the age range of 18 to 60 years old are allowed in. Oh, and absolutely no fat people.

This restaurant is extremely serious about its size policy: anyone more than 30lb over the 'average' weight in relation to their height will be refused entry.

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And if you book a reservation and it turns out you were lying about your weight, you'll be turned away - and you won't get your entrance fee back.

The dining establishment offers optional paper underwear for your lower half - and staff members will also be wearing g-strings or small pants - which is a very good thing, considering you'll be seated and they'll be standing...

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