Mountain lion attacks boy playing in front garden

Mum saves five-year-old by prying open animal's mouth

Mountain lions attack child

A mother in Colorado saved her son from a mountain lion attack by prying open the animal's mouth after it attacked the boy in their front garden on Friday evening.

The mum heard screams and ran outside to find the mountain lion on top of the five-year-old boy, the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office said.

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Speaking to CBS Local, Deputy Michael Buglione said: "She was able to pry the cat's jaws open. She's a hero."

The woman charged the animal and yanked away one of its paws to discover her son's whole head in its mouth.

According to the Denver Post, the boy suffered face, head and neck injuries. His mother was treated for scratches and bites.

The boy had been playing with his older brother outside their home near Aspen when the animal attacked.

Wildlife officials said a young lion was killed near the home and a second was found hours later.

An estimated 4,500 mountain lions live across Colorado and officials say this figure is on the rise.

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