Shocking video shows Disney worker fending off alligator near Splash Mountain

Employee filmed poking the gator just metres from visitors at Magic Kingdom

Shocking Video Shows Disney Employee Fighting Alligator Near Splash Mountain

Footage of a Disney World employee fending off an alligator at close to popular ride Splash Mountain has emerged days after toddler Lane Graves was snatched by a gator in a lagoon at a Disney hotel.

The video shows a worker at Magic Kingdom poling the predator with a pole as it emerges from the water.

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But the animal is determined to come on land and the man continues to force it back into the water.

The video, published by Inside Edition, shows guests at the attraction enjoying the Splash Mountain ride just metres from the gator.

In another clip, a tourist is seen throwing popcorn to the animal.

Meanwhile, Disney employees say that have complained in the past about guests feeding alligators at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, where two-year-old Lane was attacked.

"Disney knew these alligators had become desensitized to humans, as they had begun to associate guests with food, and did not act in a proactive manner," one of them told The Wrap.

Following Tuesday's attack, a parent posted chilling photos of her three-year-old son splashing in the water in the same spot where Lane Graves was killed.

Jennifer Venditti, from the USA said she was sharing the photos because she wants to stop the online parent shaming of Lane's parents.

She claims she had no reason to believe it was dangerous for her son to wade into a few inches of water despite the 'no swimming' signs.

She said: "Not at all did that cross my mind that there would be alligators in that area; the Grand Floridian provide the activity for kids right there on the beach."

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