Shark dies after being dragged from water by tourists and lifeguards

The blue shark was pulled from the sea for selfies in the Dominican Republic


A blue shark has died in the Dominican Republic after tourists and lifeguards near the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino dragged it from the water to take selfies.

In a disturbing video filmed by holidaymakers, the shark is seen in the water before seven men approach it and bring it back to shore.

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Some members of staff at the Hard Rock Hotel, in Punta Cana, were involved and later posed for photos with the dying shark.

Animal welfare group Black Cove tweeted the Hard Rock Hotel and wrote: "Public condemnation and action required! Disgusting disrespect by YOUR staff!"

The Hard Rock Hotels Twitter handle responded: "As Hard Rock does not condone this behaviour, we are taking this situation seriously. Staff involved will face appropriate action."

Meanwhile, social media users also took the resort's accounts to criticise the lifeguards.

One Facebook user said: "You should be ashamed that this happened within your hotel's beach. I hope that the lifeguards involved in this cruelty will be sacked and made to realise how disgusting their behaviour was."

Another wrote: "Fire those idiots who killed that shark! What kind of hotel are you running?"

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