Huge tidal waves hit Bali, Indonesia: Tourists terrified

This footage was taken at the popular Ku De Ta restaurant

Tidal waves sweep Indonesian resort island of Bali

Amateur videos have emerged this week showing holidaymakers in Seminyak, Bali scrambling to run away from the high waves which hit the pool area of Ku De Ta restaurant and a nearby hotel.

Local media also reported two tourists from Singapore and Hong Kong were dragged into the rough sea the same week.

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Part of Java island, to the east of Bali, was also hit by high waves causing flash floods in some beachfront villages.

The footage shows holidaymakers in the pool just moment before a huge wave erupts over the wall and crashes into the water, flooding the seating area next door too.

The end of the video shows the pool from another angle as guests continue to happily bob around in the pool as another wave hits the same point.

The footage, which was posted on Instagram by Ben Marner originally, was taken at Ku De Ta, a popular, beach-side restaurant on the island.

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