This puppy just isn't in the mood for a pool party

It takes a lot of determination to ignore all this chaos...

Daycare For Dogs Offers Look Into Exclusive Pool Party For Pets

We've all been there: stuck at a party you don't really want to be at, with no one you know and no one to talk to.

But apparently this doesn't just happen to humans: dogs have the same problem too.

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In footage posted to Facebook by the Happy Tails Resort in Norfolk, Virginia, one dog certainly isn't having the time of his life at a pool party for pooches.

According to its website the Happy Tails Resort is an upscale dog boarding, daycare and grooming facility.

This dog has the run of three indoor play areas, two outdoor yards and of course the indoor pool, but it doesn't look like he's too enchanted with the swimming side of things.

The footage shows plenty of happy dogs splashing around in the water .But one of them has clearly had enough of doggy paddle and instead just hangs in the water staring down the camera. Even the tennis balls floating in the water and dogs barking around him can't distract him.

A few days later the centre posted another video on Facebook and this time it looks like the 'non-swimming dog' has an apprentice to teach!

The dark brown Pointer bobbing around in the water behind him seems to be copying his pal, floating along too.

Not even when another dog dives into the water just in front of them do the pooches lose their concentration.

The video was posted to Facebook originally with the comment: "Non Swimming Dog Lessons!
Non Swimming Dog Internship! He is a quick study and has such focus!"

The first video has since had a staggering 13 million views, 19,000 comments and has been shared a whopping 257,600 times!

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