Can you spot the hidden object on this car seat?

The latest brainteaser to get the web guessing


A new brainteaser is baffling Internet users far and wide who have been left scratching their heads searching for an object hidden on this car seat. Can you see it?

The mystery object is difficult to spot at first.

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However, on closer inspection a perfectly-camouflaged grey iPad can be seen lurking on the back of the seat.

The image was posted to puzzle site by user Olivia Green.

It's not the only mind trick to go viral recently.

Last month, this image of a couple embracing on the beach left our brains hurting when it was uploaded by Reddit user Blood_Reaper.

The photo appears to show a loved-up pair in a tender embrace in what looks like a gorgeous beach setting.

But look closer and you will realise something is insanely confusing about the way the couple are standing.

It's almost impossible to fathom where the man ends and the woman begins - the woman's legs appear to be in front of the man but her torso is behind him - until you look closer and pay attention to the shorts the man in the photo is wearing.

The answer lies in the two-tone colour of the man's shorts. They have black panels on the side while the rest of it is white.

But because of the way the woman's legs are positioned, a quick glance makes you think that the white part of the garment belongs to her.

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