Most Brits secretly hope it's going to rain at the weekend

Met Office poll finds that we just want an excuse to stay in and watch box sets


People with umbrellas during a rainy day

Fifty-four per cent of Brits say they have secretly wished for a rainy weekend so they can watch box sets, stay in their pyjamas or just be lazy all day, according to a new survey.

While we are all outwardly hoping for a sunny bank holiday, a polling of 2,003 people for the Met Office suggests 54% find themselves occasionally wanting bad weather as an excuse to relax.

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The survey by Opinium Research found that top reasons for wishing for a washout include being generally lazy, saving money, staying in pyjamas all weekend, watching box sets or having a film-watching weekend.

The poll also found 42% of people have used bad weather as an excuse not to attend an event, with more than a quarter (26%) dodging a meeting with friends, while 22% had skipped shopping and 11% had avoided seeing their partner's family.

Clare Nasir, Met Office meteorologist and presenter, said: "Ahead of the bank holiday, most people around the UK will be talking about their hopes and plans for a long, sunny weekend.

"But our research shows that secretly, many hope for a washout so they have an excuse to do nothing."

We've all been there.

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