'Smallest parking space ever' leaves drivers confused in Cumbria

Too small even for a Mini

'Smallest parking space ever' leaves drivers confused in Cumbria

Is this the smallest parking space ever? Drivers have been left baffled by this bizarre tiny parking bay.

At just 140cm long, even a compact classic Mini is too big to squeeze into the minuscule gap - and the space is too small even for a tiny two-seat Smart car.

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The ridiculous space, in Carlisle, Cumbria, left residents baffled after council workmen completed the peculiar new road markings in the St Aidan's Road area of the city.

A former surveyor who spotted the space said: "To be honest, when I saw it I just started laughing.

"I can't make sense of it at all.

"You couldn't even squeeze a Ford Ka into that space!

"You could possibly get a small motorcycle in there but not much else."

Chris Tyson, 80, whose home is next to the road where workmen marked out the tiny parking space, said: "It's obviously a bit of a nonsense but it's not as bad as it was before!

"They should have just continued the white line that prevents people parking across my driveway, or continued the double yellow line.

"That might have made some sense, but not this."

When asked about the parking bay, a Cumbria County Council spokesperson said: "Cumbria County Council can confirm the new road markings on St Aidan's Road in Carlisle are correct with respect to compliance of the order.

"The parking bays commence at the end of the double yellow 'no waiting at any time' restriction, which is the correct layout.

"The white bar marking - which is advisory - is provided to deter people from obstructing the access, but allows the property owner or visitors to the property to park there if they wish and have the appropriate permit."

Perhaps the car best suited to this parking space would be the classic 1960s Peel P50 – the smallest road car ever made at just 1.4m long.

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