Friends form human chain to rescue dog stuck in reservoir

Dog was struggling to stay up in strong current

Friends form human chain to rescue dog stuck in reservoir

The moment a group of friends join together to rescue a dog from a reservoir has been caught on camera.

The friends were walking along when they spotted the dog being dragged by the current towards a weir in a reservoir.

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According to the Metro, one of them scrambled down the edge of the Sayan reservoir in Kazakhstan to rescue the dog but realised he then couldn't get back up again.

So his friends joined together to create human chain to rescue them both.

Onlooker Marjana Khadreeva saw what was happening and recorded the scene on her phone.

The friends can be seen swiftly saving the pair and everybody has a congratulatory high five at the end of the successful rescue.

The Daily Mail reports that the dog is believed to be a stray from the city of Almaty.

It's not known what happened to the dog afterwards, but we're really hoping it was adopted by one of its rescuers.

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