Cowboy lassoes bike thief in car park

Hero on horseback brings down thief in Oregon

Cowboy Lassos Man Suspected of Bike Theft At Wal-Mart

A cowboy came to the rescue of a woman whose bike was being stolen in a very dramatic fashion - by lassoing the thief.

The unwitting thief presumably had no idea he'd have to deal with a cowboy when he tried to steal a woman's bike in an Oregon car park.

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The bicycle was stolen from a bike rack outside a Walmart in Eagle Point, a town about 170 miles south of Eugene, Oregon, at around 10am on Friday morning.

Cowboy lassoes bike thief in car park

Robert Borba said he had been on his way to brand cattle when he heard a woman cry out for help.

Speaking to CNN, he said: "A lady yelled out 'He's stealing my bike, he's stealing my bike." So he immediately jumped into action and got on his horse that was already saddled up in his trailer.

His wife said: "He jumped on his horse that was at the ready and pulled out his lasso. This is what he does [for a living], so he could do it quick."

When the thief saw a cowboy chasing after him, he jumped off the bike he'd stolen and started running.

Borba managed to bring him down by lassoing the man around the ankles.

Mr Borba kept the suspect tied up until the police arrived on the scene. According to the Daily Telegraph, an Eagle Point police spokesperson said: "It was truly the Wild, Wild West."

And one witness, David Stepp, described it as the "best day of my life".

Speaking to the Guardian, he added: "I was laughing too hard to intervene. I've seen it all, but I've never seen anything like that in my entire life."