Two women injured by stampeding cows in East Sussex

Dog walkers in hospital after herd of cows attack

Two women injured by stampeding cows in East Sussex

Two women have been hospitalised after being attacked by cows on a dog walk in East Sussex.

The incident occurred at 2.20pm on Thursday afternoon in Burwash.

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The women had been attacked by cows who had recently calved.

According to The Argus, one woman was reportedly flown by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex air ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton with serious chest injuries.

Her friend was taken by road to Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene, and helped moved the cattle to a different field so paramedics could work on the women, reports ITV News.

According to the BBC, a barman at the nearby Bear Inn and Burwash Motel said one of the women had managed to get to the motel to call for help.

The farmer has been alerted to the incident.

Back in 2014, a woman in Lincolnshire who called 999 after being trampled by a herd of cows was dismissed as a hoax caller.

According to the local news service Puffington, 59-year-old Sarah Leonard was taking part in "geocaching", which involves searching for a hidden box using satellite tracking with a GPS receiver, when she was knocked over and trampled by a herd of stampeding cows.

She was left with a number of broken bones including two broken arms, a broken jaw, several fractured ribs and a fractured collarbone.

In 2015, a woman has been crushed to death by a cow while helping it give birth at a Scottish farm.

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