Train passenger calls police after waking up in empty carriage

Man rescued after falling asleep on train in Manchester

Train passenger wakes up to find himself stuck in empty carriage

We've all been there: fallen asleep on the train and ended up at the last stop on the service.

But one commuter took things to another level and had to be rescued by police after falling asleep on his journey from Liverpool to Manchester.

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He missed his stop and when he awoke realised he was in an empty and dark train located on a siding used for storing trains close to Victoria Station, reports Manchester Evening News.

The panicked man rang 999 at around 8.15pm on Tuesday night.

Greater Manchester Police tweeted that they turned the incident over to the British Transport Police to deal with.

Twitter users then shared their own stories of similar situations.

According to the Daily Mail, one user wrote: "Could have been worse. Husband once ended up in Nottingham having fallen asleep on a Liverpool train."

And an officer responded: "For me it was a night bus in London in my late teens."

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