Man finds fox stuck in his dishwasher

Fox cub got stuck while searching for food

Man finds fox stuck in his dishwasher

A man doing his household chores was shocked to find a terrified baby fox stuck in his dishwasher.

Simon Hayes, 45, head vet at the Village Vet London practice in Enfield, came across the unusual sight on Sunday night.

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It was a warm day, so the back door had been left open. Simon had left the room to do some other stuff, and when he came back into the kitchen, he found the fox trapped in his dishwasher.

He said the young fox was clearly terrified, so he removed the bottom drawer in the dishwasher to help him escape.

The fox then made a dash for it back into the garden.

According to ITV News, Simon said he guessed the cub was around four or five months old, and said he had no idea how he got himself stuck.

He said he was "quite an aggressive little thing" but added: "I'm a vet, I know what I'm doing."

An image of the incident was shared on the Village Vet London Facebook page, and said: "Our Head Vet at #Winchmore Hill, Simon Hayes had a bit of a shock Sunday night when he walked into his kitchen and found a fox cub in his dishwasher!

"Simon managed to coax the terrified little guy out and he ran outside to be reunited with Mum.

"A bit different to finding the next door cat in your house!"

According to the Express, the cub was happily reunited with its mother, who had a den and other cubs nearby.

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