Jaguar stalks man: What happens next?

This scary-looking video has an unexpected ending

Jaguar stalks man: What happens next?

A video shows the moment a black jaguar appears to be stalking a man - and there's no glass between them.

The big cat can be seen sneaking up on the man, but then in a cute twist to the scene the man suddenly turns around and the pair start play fighting and even have a little kiss.

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The footage was shot at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, where the jaguar, called Kal-el (also Superman's birth name), is housed. The foundation shared it on its Facebook page, and the video has been viewed over 10 million times.

The sanctuary is the only place to specialise in looking after big cats in Mexico.

According to its website, the foundation rescues and cares for big cats including jaguars, tigers, leopards, lynxes, lions, pumas and more from a life of abuse in circuses, zoos and breeders, both legal and illegal ones.

As well as rescuing animals from sad circumstances and allowing them a "love of dignity and love for the rest of their lives", their mission is also to "raise awareness worldwide through pictures and videos using our social media platforms and by giving conferences in universities and other podiums that will have us, making the millions of people that follow us fall in love with our rescues so that as a consequence they learn to fall in love with their planet".

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