British drivers 'confused about French road signs'

Survey comes just as thousands of Brits head to Euro 2016



Britons driving to Euro 2016 could find themselves slapped with traffic tickets when they were expecting super-fast WiFi, after research revealed a wide-spread ignorance of French road signs.

More than one-fifth of UK drivers (21%) confused road-side warnings of speed cameras for WiFi hotspots, while the meanings of half of French signs proved a mystery to motorists.

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The worrying findings come as an estimated 19% of the men surveyed gear up to cross the border by car for the football tournament this month.

Unexpected tailbacks could also become a feature of Gallic motorways this summer, as a healthy majority (57%) mistook the French toll booth symbol for a stop sign.

The survey of 2,000 drivers by insurance4carhire also found that around a quarter (24%) did not even know the motorway speed limit in dry conditions.

Spokesman Tim Thornhill said: "Before drivers hit the road we urge them to spend some time familiarising themselves with road signs in France – even if they have driven in the country before.

"Not knowing the rules of the road can be a costly mistake and could lead to an early exit."

Euro 2016 will kick off in Paris on June 10 and is expected to dominate sporting headlines until a champion is crowned exactly one month later.

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