Human remains believed to be New Zealand woman found inside croc

Cindy Waldron was swimming with a friend in Australia when she was attacked by the crocodile

Family Mourns Victim of Crocodile Attack

Human remains believed to be a woman who was dragged under the water at a beach in Queensland have been found in a 14ft crocodile.

Cindy Waldron, from New Zealand, was swimming with her friend Leeann Mitchell at Thornton Beach in Queensland, Australia when she was pulled under the water on Sunday night.

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Police said an estuarine croc was trapped at Cooper Creek, near Thornton Beach in the Daintree National Park, and killed on Friday.

According to the Australian Associated Press, it was taken to a secure Environment Department facility in Cairns for examination, where staff all but confirmed it was the reptile responsible for taking Waldron.

"At this stage police believe the remains are those of a woman who was reported missing on May 29," police said.

"Police will be preparing a report for the coroner."

It was the second croc to be caught after authorities set three traps as part of the investigation.

Waldron, 46, was a long-time resident of New South Wales. Her father Pat and sister Anna-Lee Annett flew to Cairns from New Zealand to make an emotional visit to Thornton Beach.

Speaking to, Pat, who did not want the crocodile harmed, said: "We need to be here and cry on the beach.

"There's signs everywhere – don't go swimming with the crocodiles.

"She'd do crazy things. And what she did there is a crazy thing, absolutely."

The crocodile attack has prompted the government to allocate an extra $5.8m for comprehensive population surveys and management of the animals.

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