German tourists arrested for stealing beach towels in Mallorca

The men were caught after running off with ten towels from a shop near s'Arenal beach

Playa de SArenal, Majorca, Spain, Balearics, Spain

Two German tourists were arrested on the Spanish island of Mallorca after stealing towels from a shop near popular beach s'Arenal on Monday night.

Police were called to the scene after a fight broke out between the holidaymakers and the shop owner.

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According to Balearic Island news site Ultima Hora, officers interrupted the fight which was allegedly started by one of the tourists after the shop owner ran after the pair when he noticed ten beach towels missing.

Apparently the Germans had gone after the towels as part of a bet, the Local reports.

They were arrested for 'robbery with violence'.

On Thursday, another pair of thieves were arrested near Palma de Mallorca for stealing from couples who left their belongings behind to have sex on the beach.

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