Walker spots row of 'penis hedges' in man's garden

The phallic-shaped plants seen in Somerset

Walker spots row of 'penis hedges' in man's garden

A man enjoying a pleasant stroll was quite shocked to stumble across a garden full of penis-shaped hedges.

The phallic-looking topiary skills were spotted by Bath Chronicles Walking Correspondent Nigel Vile when he was out walking in the Mendip Hills, which are just south of Bristol and Bath in Somerset.

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According to the Bristol Post, he then shared the images with his friends on Facebook, writing "some fallacious topiary".

One follower wrote simply "Goodness gracious!", while another said: "Surely phallic? That's the problem when you venture into the Mendips. Never know what you'll find."

According to the Metro, the grandfather that lives in the house has no idea how they got that way.

Peter Knife said: "I've lived at the house for 20 years with my wife and its always been known as the 'willy house' by children who go to a school nearby.
It doesn't bother me in the slightest."

According to The Sun, he added: "I've also had people walk past my house and ask me how I keep my hedges so well-maintained. I wind them up and tell them I put Viagra in the roots."

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