Huge sharks swim with RNLI lifeguards in Cornwall

The plankton-eating species are harmless to humans

Basking sharks spotted off coast of Cornwall

As a lifeguard there are probably a few things you are used to seeing on your day-to-day shifts, but sharks probably aren't one of them.

But that's exactly what was in store for the RNLI lifeguards at Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall over the bank holiday weekend.

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A video, which was posted on the RNLI Facebook page shows the sharks fins above water before ducking down underneath the surface to capture the animals approaching.

The basking sharks calmly glide by the lifeguard, appearing to take little or not notice of them.

The video was posted along with the comment: "Yesterday we shared a photo of basking sharks visiting Porthcurno beach in Cornwall.

​"Today we're excited to bring you this incredible footage captured by one of our Penwith lifeguards who was on his board as the sharks passed by! Basking sharks are plankton-eating and, like most shark species, harmless to humans."

The footage wasn't shot in the middle of the sea either, the beach is clearly visible in the background of some of the shots, suggesting the lifeguards were not that far out into the water when they spotted the sharks.

The RNLI initially posted an image showing the sharks on Monday before sharing the first-hand footage on Wednesday evening.

According to The Shark Trust there are as many as 30 species of shark living off the coast of Britain.

However they also point out that it's unlikely you will come across one of these sharks while on a beach trip as many of them are becoming increasingly rare.

Basking sharks are filter feeders that mostly eat plankton and can get through 2,000 tonnes of water per hour.

You can find out more about basking sharks here and can follow the work of the RNLI online at:

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Britain's amazing sea life

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