Airbnb reveals world's smallest rental property

You can stay in the Boston accommodation for £38 a night

Stay in the World's Smallest Airbnb Rental Available

Airbnb is the service that has taken the travelling world by storm - allowing people to put their homes up for rent for short durations.

You can find some amazing places to stay while away if you spend a little time looking through the options they offer.

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For example last Halloween you could spend a night in the Paris Catacombs (if you're brave enough) or there was even an opportunity to spend a night alongside the fish at an aquarium.

Now, the smallest listing on Airbnb has just been announced - and it's tiny.

You can spend a night in this unique property in Boston for just $55 (£38) a night, but the catch is that it's only 25 square feet inside.

There are a few compromises to make before you stay there, for example there is running water, but no wifi, it does have a working toilet, but sadly no air conditioning or heating.

The place was designed by artist, Jeff Smith, who credits the Tiny House Movement as his inspiration for the minute creation.

The Tiny House Movement works around a group of Americans who are choosing to downsize the home they live in and simplify their lifestyle.

Airbnb's cable car room in Courchevel

Airbnb's cable car room in Courchevel