Elk charges tourist that gets too close in Yellowstone National Park

Woman tries to take photo, elk gets very camera shy

Elk charges tourist that gets too close in Yellowstone National Park

A woman had a startling reminder of why tourists are told to stay at least 25 yards away from large animals in Yellowstone National Park - after an elk charged at her.

The woman is seen trying to take a photo of the elk, but he is not happy with the proximity and charges. The woman trips over and the elk stops short of trampling her.

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Jody Tibbits, a tour guide with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, was showing a family around the park when they came across the scene.

A tourist in the group took out his phone and started recording.

Jody attempts to tell the woman to stay back when the elk charges.

He then explains to the woman that she was going to tell her to keep her distance. The woman replies: "It won't happen again." Tibbitts responds: "I bet it won't", according to KRTV.

According to Myfox8, Tibbitts said afterwards: "You never know what can happen with a wild animal. Imagine a stranger coming into your home and whistling and staring and taking photos. You'd be pretty upset too."

The Huffington Post reports that Tibbitts told EastIdahoNews: "With everyone having a camera in their pocket, people are taking more chances and are getting more brazen. Literally on a daily basis I'm having to tell people they're way too close to animals. I've even seen folks chase bears into the woods for a picture."

Tibbitts, who has been a tour guide at Yellowstone since the early 1990s, added that he hopes people will give the animals the space they need.

The news comes after a bison calf had to be euthanised at the park after tourists picked it up and put it in their car as they were worried it was cold.

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