Police dashcam captures moment lightning strike hits house

Dramatic lightning strike caught on camera in Kentucky

Police Dashcam Captures Kentucky Lightning Strike

A bolt of lightning that damaged a Kentucky home was caught on police dashcam videos on Thursday.

The two-part video from the McCracken County Sheriff Department shows the bolt from a distance and then the lightning strike as another officer drove by much nearer.

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The force of the strike knocked the video camera from the patrol vehicle's dashboard.

Local reports state no one was injured, but the house suffered fire damage.

Back in April, meanwhile, footage emerged of the moment a plane was hit by lightning as it approached Heathrow.

British Airways said its flight BA857 from Prague was hit, but that it landed safely.

And, last July, a driver's car was struck by lightning in London and thrown over.

The car flipped onto its side and witnesses said the vehicle was "smoking" after it was struck by lightning.

Fortunately, the man was not injured in the incident. Unfortunately, he was later arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

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