11ft python emerges from toilet and bites man on penis

Huge snake sunk its fangs into man's member

              Python bites Thai man whilst he's on the toilet

A man in Thailand has been bitten on the penis by a snake while going to the toilet.

The routine bathroom visit became a half-hour fight with a snake, after a python came up through the plumbing and bit the man's appendage.

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Atthaporn Boonmakchuay, 38, was sitting on the toilet when the huge 11ft snake clamped its jaws on the tip of his penis.

His wife reportedly tried to get the reptile off her husband with no joy.

According to The Sun, he eventually managed to tie a rope around the snake's head with the other end tied to the door handle and yanked it free.

Mr Boonmakchuay was rushed to hospital after losing a lot of blood.

The incident happened in Chachoengsao, 90km east of the capital Bangkok.

Officials were called in and had to use hammers to smash the snake out of the pipes. It was later released back into the wild unharmed, reports the Daily Mail.

According to 9 News, it is thought the man needed stitches but that he would fully recover from the ordeal with his penis intact.

Back in December 2013, another man got a nasty surprise when he was bitten on the penis by a snake while going to the toilet in Ghana.

Kwabena Nkrumah, 34, was sitting on a public loo in Faaman, in the Ashanti region, when he felt a sharp pain on the tip of his manhood.

He looked down to see that a big black snake had emerged from the toilet bowl and bitten him on his penis. However, in this instance, the snake let go after the bite.

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