'Can you do the other side too?' Elk lets tourist groom him

The animals grow shorter and cooler fur for the summer months

Elk lets man pull his winter coat and asks for more

This heartwarming video has emerged of an elk, or wapiti, letting a tourist pull out its winter coat at a safari park in Quebec, Canada.

The footage, shot on Tuesday, shows the man pulling out huge chunks of hair from the animal's coat.

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The creature seems to appreciate the help and even turns around for the man to take care of the other side of its fur too.

At one point the docile animal even gives the camera a gentle lick before stepping back again to let the man carry on helping him loose his winter coat.

The animal is so peaceful in the man's presence that he even ignores the children in the back of the car proferring a carrot for him to eat.

But even though the man seems to be having the time of his life helping the quiet animal out, the kids in the back of the car aren't quite so keen and quickly loose interest.

They can be head urging their dad to move on saying; "There are plenty more animals to see!"

According to the National Parks Service the animal's summer coats are much shorter and will keep them cooler.

The Service also mentions: "The process of losing a winter coat is apparently not without annoyance to the elk. It is not uncommon to see the elk scratching their front-quarters and head with hind feet or licking any areas they can reach to remove the old hair."

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