Watch this elephant fall asleep to a lullaby

Faa Mai appears to find her keeper's singing irresistable...

              Watch this elephant fall asleep to a lullaby

Faa Mai may be a big elephant - but every time she hears this lullaby, she still falls asleep.

The footage, take at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, shows her slowly walking around the enclosure behind Lek as she begins to sing.

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It's not long before she appears to be lulled into drowsiness and she bends one knee to the ground before completely giving in and lying down.

In the mean time, her keeper Lek continues to sing, at the same time waving away insects using a bright pink cloth as the elephant flaps her ears.

Clearly in a state of total relaxation the elephant lies still on the ground as Lek curls up next to her, finishing her song.

They're not left alone for long : a smaller elephant soon appears and stands at the tail end of the sleeping elephant, appearing to also be listening to the soothing music.

According to the Save Elephant Foundation website Faa Mai was born in 2009. Her name means 'a new day', and she is described as 'gentle and curious'. Faa Mai was also the first calf to be born from an Elephant Nature Park mother.

"Faa Mai will never suffer cruel torture training. She will never work a day in her life. She will stay in a matriarchal family group with her mother Mae Bua Tong, her big sister Tong Jaan, and adopted big sister Faa Sai for the rest of her life," says a statement on the foundation's website.

You can find out more about the herd that live at the Elephant Nature Park at

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