Easyjet flight to Gatwick makes emergency landing in Portugal

Flight diverted after captain smelled burning in the cockpit


Easyjet flight to Gatwick makes emergency landing in Portugal

An Easyjetflight from Tenerife to London Gatwick was forced to make an emergency landing in Portugal - after the pilot smelled burning in the cockpit.

Flight EZY8704 carrying 172 people in total diverted to the island of Porto Santo an hour into its three-hour flight.

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The incident was reported on The Aviation Herald, which said: "An Easyjet Airbus A320-200, registration G-EZWK performing flight U2-8704 from Tenerife South,CI (Spain) to London Gatwick,EN (UK) with 167 passengers and 5 crew, was en route at FL340 about 60nm east of Porto Santo Madeira (Portugal) when the crew decided to divert to Porto Santo reporting a problem with an electrical component in the cabin.

"The aircraft landed safely on Porto Santo's runway 36 about 18 minutes after leaving FL340.

"A replacement A320-200 registration G-EZTG was dispatched to Porto Santo and resumed the flight estimated to reach London with a delay of about 8 hours."

Travel Mole reports that Porto Santo didn't have restaurant facilities so the passengers were taken to a nearby hotel and given refreshments while they waited for a replacement aircraft.

One passenger, Robert Staras, praised the airlines, saying: ""@easyjet: want to say a big thank you to the pilot and staff of EZY8704 they were amazing. Also Celine who looked after us in Porto Santo."

According to the Daily Mail, another passenger, Elie Barnes, said: "Massive thank you to @easyjet for huge professionalism and efficiency yesterday on emergency landing into Porto Santo. Pilot and crew brilliant."

An Easyjet spokesman told the Mirror that the plane diverted due to a "technical issue" and that the aircraft "landed safely" in Porto Santo.

The airline also apologised for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

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