Mechanic wanted on world's most remote island with just one road

£25k-a-year job comes with 30 days' holiday


Tristan Da Cunha Island, looking down from the foothils of Queen Marys volcano.

The most remote inhabited island on Earth is looking for a new mechanic for its 267 residents who have access to just one paved road.

Tristan da Cunha's new mechanic will be afforded a £25,000-a-year salary and 30 days' holiday.

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According to the island's official website, the role "may suit a semi-retired or retired person" who seeks the "opportunity to work in a unique community where you will have a chance to make a real difference".

A post for the job reads: "The island requires an experienced vehicle mechanic, with extensive knowledge of working in challenging and remote places. The individual will spend two years training local islanders, creating a pool of skilled and dedicated mechanics for the community."

The mechanic will work in a "basic, dry covered workshop" where spares and specialist tools are on site or on order from South Africa.

Accommodation will be provided and spare time activities include fishing. With weak internet and no mobile phones, it's the ideal job for anyone looking to escape from modern day comforts.

Tristan da Cunha is a UK Overseas Territories with just 125 cars on the island.

The island is situated 1,750 miles from South Africa and only accessible by sea, taking at least six days from Cape Town.

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