Ryanair launches Brexit vote seat sale

Airline offer cheap seats in ‘Fly Home To Vote Remain’ campaign

Ryanair launches Brexit vote seat sale

Ryanair is offering a bargain seat sale to encourage Brits to fly home and vote for the UK to stay in the EU.

The airline launched a "Fly Home to Vote Remain" seat sale with flights to the UK on sale from just €19.99 (£15.30) for travel on Wed 22 June and Thur 23 June, to help the more than 1.2m Brits living abroad fly back to vote 'Remain' in the Referendum on 23 June.

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Customers can book flights to all UK airports from just €19.99 for travel on 22 and 23 June (polling day), but these special seat sale fares must be booked by midnight on Thursday 19 May on the Ryanair.com website.

Ryanair, which employs over 3,000 people across its 13 UK airport bases, and carries over 41m customers between the UK and Europe each year, is actively campaigning for a 'Remain' vote and is a committed supporter of the UK remaining in Europe.

Why? The airline explains its reasons as:
-This will lead to more UK jobs & better economic growth.
-EU open skies has transformed UK tourism & job creation prospects.
-The free movement of goods and services has made the UK one of Europe's most competitive and best performing economies.
-David Cameron's negotiated reforms protect Sterling, limits immigration and closer Union, while reducing bureaucracy.
-Foreign inward investment in the UK will be lost to Ireland and Germany if the UK leaves Europe.

Ryanair's Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said: "As an active supporter of the 'Remain' campaign, we are launching a €19.99 seat sale on flights to the UK on 22 and 23 June to allow UK citizens to fly home to vote 'Remain' in the Brexit Referendum.

"These flights are available for booking for 24 hours, on Thursday, 19th May. As the UK's largest airline, Ryanair is absolutely clear that the UK economy and its future growth prospects are stronger as a member of the European Union than they are outside of the EU and with just 5 weeks to go, we will continue to work hard to help deliver a resounding 'Remain' vote on 23 June."

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