UK weather: 30C heatwave to return next week!

Britain set to bask in hot weather for the end of May


UK weather: 30C heatwave to return next week!

If you look out of the window today you might not believe that this May could be shaping up to be the warmest in 172 years.

But Weather forecasters are predicting that after a few days of unsettled weather, a heatwave will return towards the end of next week, with temperatures reaching 30C in the next two weeks.

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Speaking to The Sun James Madden from Exacta Weather said that high pressure will dominate for the remainder of May.

"This will allow many parts of the country to bask in well above-average temperatures - with a number of heat surges around the mid month period and during the final third of the month."

Britian set for an end of May heatwave

And the Met Office's 30-day forecast is also pretty positive for the southeast. From Sunday 22 May to Tuesday 31 May, it reads: "Generally unsettled conditions are expected through Sunday and much of next week. There will be outbreaks of rain, interspersed by drier and brighter interludes, but still with some showers.

"The heaviest and most persistent rain is likely to be in the northwest, accompanied by strong winds and perhaps coastal gales at times.

"Southeastern parts will see more lengthy drier and brighter spells, but even here showers or outbreaks of rain can be expected.

"It will be rather cool on Sunday, but temperatures will recover to near or above normal through next week, particularly in the southeast. The bank holiday weekend will most likely see a continuation of the theme described above, but there is a chance that much warmer weather may spread northwards across the UK."

Hooray. And the good news doesn't stop there for the southeast. The Met Office forecast for Wednesday 1 June to Wednesday 15 June reads: "The most likely scenario is currently that changeable weather will affect at least the northwest of the UK. In this scenario we would expect to see showers or outbreaks of rain, interspersed by drier and brighter interludes in the northwest.

"Across the southeast there would be more in the way of dry and bright weather, with just occasional outbreaks of rain or showers. Temperatures are expected to be near or above average, with the possibility of becoming warm or very warm at times, more especially in the southeast, but with the risk of thundery showers if this occurs."

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, said the next few days will be rainy and unsettled before the heat kicks in.

He told Aol Travel: "With a stronger and more southerly located Jet Stream for the next few days , the UK will remain unsettled with bands of rain and some heavy showers.

"Temperatures for the next few days will be near normal - reaching 19 to 21C over central to SE England. It will become more cool and fresh starting on Sunday.

"Next week, there will be another change in the weather pattern with high pressure building across the north of the UK - leading to a return to more settled and dry weather. It will be cool at first due to north-easterly breezes off the chilly North Sea. We should see temperatures lift again by the end of next week."

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