Herd of buffalo chased by lions run into tourist car on safari

Watch the moment tourists' car gets in the way of a stampede

Herd of buffalo chased by lions run into tourist car on safari

The terrifying moment a herd of buffalo running away from two lions smashed into a tourist's car while on safari has been caught on camera.

The incredible footage was captured by Penny Osborne near the Satara rest camp in South Africa's Kruger National Park, reports Earth Touch News.

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Three tourist cars were watching a herd of buffalo when a pair of lions suddenly emerge and start chasing them.

In a bid to escape the predators, the buffalo run straight into one of the cars watching the hunt.

Penny shared her video and pictures with the Latest Sightings website, and the video has been viewed over 250,000 times on YouTube.

Latest Sightings explained exactly what happened, writing: "Penny captures on film how a group of buffaloes gracefully pass through the African bush, straight towards a pair of male lions, waiting in ambush.

"The lions seize their chance just as the buffaloes entered into their trap and leap at the herd, causing the herd to do a U-turn and go into stampede mode.

"When prey is being chased by a predator, their adrenaline and instinct kicks in and they just run, not always planning where they are running, as long as it's away from the predator."

Buffalo chased by lions run into car on safari

The car was bumped on to the grassy verge and didn't come off so well, but luckily nobody was injured in the incident.

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