Man in wheelchair deliberately blocks path of Lamborghini (video)

Has to be physically removed from the road

Man in wheelchair deliberately blocks path of Lamborghini (video)

That moment you're just trying to do a U-turn in your £350,000 Lamborghini - but a man in a wheelchair refuses to let you through.

A video of a wheelchair user deliberately blocking the path of a Lamborghini has gone viral on Facebook.

The incident occurred in North Gate Street in Gloucester on Tuesday, and shows the man in the wheelchair determined to make sure the Lamborghini doesn't pass.

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The driver had inadvertently gone down a dead end road and was attempting to do a U-turn to exit it.

However, this manoeuvre was made very difficult by the man in the wheelchair making every effort to prevent it.

According to the Daily Telegraph,the footage was shot by onlooker Joe Haskett, who said: "I was walking back from lunch with a friend to my car, and heard the Lamborghini which was loud, so naturally went to get a picture.

"Then we just noticed the man in the wheelchair slowly pushing himself into the road. He was moving back and forth across the road to block the car, which is when the bloke got out and moved him.

"I thought it was hilarious, and just posted it to Facebook there and then.

"I'm not sure what the man in the wheelchair was doing.

"In the video you can hear a passer-by mention that he has done it before."

The driver eventually had to get out of the car and physically move the man blocking him.

The Daily Mail reports that the supercar was later identified as belonging to Instagram celebrity "Lord" Aleem Iqball and was being driven by his friend Mark Brewer.

He told the paper: "We do a lot of charity work with the cars, and I was out in Gloucester when this happened. As you can imagine, the cars draw huge attention everywhere they go, so we're always happy to pull up and let kids have a photo with them, or hear the engines roar.

"I think the guy in the wheelchair had had a bit to drink when he stopped me. He'd tried blocking me a couple of times but failed. The one time I ended up going down a dead end, he's wheeled himself into the middle of road."

Mark said that the man kept refusing to move and in the end there were dozens of people looking and filming the scene.

He added: "In the end it was all just a bit of a laugh. Everyone was clapping and cheering when I moved him on. I think the geezer just wanted a little bit of fame!"

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