Plane crash in California vineyard caught on skydiver's GoPro

Scary scenes from inside the plane captured on camera

Plane crash in California vineyard caught on skydiver's GoPro

Video footage captured the terrifying moment a plane crashed into a vineyard in California.

The pilot and 17 skydivers had just taken off from Lodi Airport on Thursday at 2pm when the single-engine Cessna started experiencing engine trouble.

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The plane was flying too low for the skydivers to jump, so the pilot tried to turn back.

However, the plane clipped a truck as it approached the runway and crashed next to the airport, landing upside down in a vineyard.

One of the skydivers' helmet cameras captured some of the scenes from inside the plane as it crashed.

Speaking to ABC News, skydiver TJ Landgren said: "Next thing we know someone is freaking out in the back of the plane screaming. I started to hear vines rip and it was a matter of seconds. ... I didn't think I was going home."

The Indian Express reports that all the skydivers escaped the crash uninjured, and that the pilot suffered minor injuries, including a bloody nose.

The skydivers praised the pilot's actions and expressed their relief at walking away from the crash, which the owner of the Lodi Parachute Centre, which runs the skydiving operation, "could have been quite a tragedy".

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