Britain set for 33C summer (but August could be a washout)

The UK could see early summer searing temperatures

Britain set for 33C summer (but August could be a washout)

Britain could be in for a scorching start to the summer, according to new reports.

The early part of the summer season could see temperatures hovering around 33C, good news for Glastonbury revellers or Wimbledon fans.

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The Met Office's long range weather forecast suggests we'll see a warmer than average start to the summer.

This is thanks to the warm El Nino ocean currents sending temperatures rising.

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According to the Mirror, the three-month forecast says: "For May to July, above-average temperatures are slightly more probable than below-average.

"El Nino is ranked amongst the strongest on record.

"Sea-surface temperatures in the south and west North Atlantic are above-average, while in the north and east are below-average.

"This increases the probability of above-average pressure, associated with above-average temperatures."

However, things are not looking so good for August, when the cold La Nina ocean currents hit. This could be bad news for the school holidays, bringing colder temperatures and rain.

The Pacific weather phenomenon causes tropical North Atlantic hurricanes and can bring downpours to Britain.

The Daily Star says the Met Office three-month forecast reads: "Seasonal prediction systems give a high probability for La Niña conditions by the end of the forecast period.

"Past cases of La Niña show it slightly increases the chances of westerly winds, tending to bring near-or-below-average temperatures to the UK."

Looking at the more immediate weather forecast, the Evening Standard says the Met Office suggests we will see an unsettled week, but that it will clear up next week and we could expect a warm, dry Bank Holiday.

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