Hero dog fighting for life after snake bite receives £35,000 in donations

Haus suffered three bites while protecting seven-year-old Molly

Hero Dog Bitten Saving Girl from Rattlesnake

A two-year-old German shepherd who saved a seven-year-old girl from a rattlesnake attack and suffered three snake bites has received more than £35,000 in donations to pay for the anti-venom needed to keep him alive.

Hero dog Haus refused to back down when the venomous eastern diamondback rattlesnake appeared in his family's garden in Florida, enduring three separate lunges and bites to save Molly's life.

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As his story spread across America, well-wishers donated more than $50,000 to pay for veterinary bills and the anti-venom and pain killers needed to treat Haus.

He is expected to make a full recovery.

Molly's grandmother watched as her granddaughter played with the dog before spotting the dog leap in front of the girl.

It was when the DeLuca family took Haus to the vet for a bleeding leg that they discovered the fang marks from the snake.

Molly's dad Adam DeLuca told the Associated Press: "He has just been an amazing dog. He's the type of dog that when you want to go buy a dog, you pay thousands of dollars and that's the dog you get. But we adopted him and got him for free."

After receiving enough money to treat Haus, the family set up a Save Haus Facebook page to keep his fans and donors updated.

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