Eagle steals fish straight from fishing line

This bird of prey took the fisherman by surprise

Eagle Swoops in and Steals Fish From Fisherman COPY

There are a few things you might expect to see when you're out fishing in the countryside, a few wild animals, hopefully some fish and probably some other outdoor enthusiasts.

But there are also a few things you probably wouldn't expect - and an eagle swooping in to steal your catch is likely to be one of them.

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J. Wynans was out fishing one day and this is exactly what happened to him.

The caption on the original video posted to YouTube said: "Up close and personal. A local eagle air raids fisherman in a nearby trout lake. He divebombed a couple times before we were able to get a real nice video."

One YouTube user went on to suggest that the scene was staged but the fisherman explained that the bird had made an attempt on the fish a few times before and his wife had tried to capture the event on camera without luck, at which point he suggested they try filming instead.

Although the video doesn't explain exactly where the fisherman was when this happened, he did confirm in the comments that it was in Canada.

The sport is popular in the country and according to Fishing in Canada as many as three million people enjoy the hobby each year with as many as 200 species living in the country.

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