Cat does tightrope walk as firefighters try to rescue it

Animal gives rescue crew the runaround in Algeria

Cat does tightrope walk as firefighters try to rescue it

Some cats just don't know when you're trying to do them a favour - as one moggy proved when he evaded rescuers in Algeria.

The poor kitty had gone and got himself stuck up an electricity pole, and workers from Algeria's Civil Defense department attended the scene to help him down, reports the Mirror.

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The Guardian reports that one of the men even climbed up the pole, but the scared cat just ran out onto the telephone wire.

The animal then showed off a fantastic display of tightrope walking in a bid to get away from the rescue team.

The next plan was to hold a sheet underneath the animal and use a long pole to prod him down.

He eventually fell, but not without a fight, clinging onto the wire for dear life.

But worry not, the cat was reportedly fine and unharmed after its ordeal. However, it's probably one of its nine lives down now...

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