The best pizza restaurants in the world

New guide employed nearly 1000 'global pizza informants' from 48 countries

15 best pizza restaurants on the planet

Pizza may be the national dish of Italy - but there are now thousands of restaurants all over the world serving top quality slices.

Which is why Daniel Young wrote his new guide, 'Where to Eat Pizza', described by some as the experts' guide to the world's best pizzerias.

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Putting the book together Daniel enlisted 121 regional experts and 956 'global pizza informants' from 48 countries to hand-pick the 1,705 pizza places featured in the book.

Although Daniel decided not to rank the pizzerias in the book, he has since released the list of the pizza places that received the most nominations from the guide's 1,077 contributors, take a look below to find out where you can eat the pizza in the world. OK, so most of the top 15 are in Italy. But don't blame us, blame the Italians...

1. Pepe in Grani
Caserta, Italy

2. Pizzarium
Rome, Italy


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3. 50 Kalò
Naples, Italy

4. I Tigli
Verona, Italy

5. Pizzeria Bianco
Phoenix, Arizona

6. Pizzeria La Notizia
Naples, Italy

That's a winning combo right there! 🏆🍕 Fennel sausage pizza + fried potatoes. #pizzeriamozza

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7. Pizzeria Mozza
Los Angeles, California

8. L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele
Naples, Italy

9. Pizzeria Fratelli Salvo
Naples, Italy

Q: How many pizzas are too many pizzas? A: The limit does not exist 🚫🤓🕳 📸 by @devinshallop

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10. Roberta's
Brooklyn, New York

11. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo
Naples, Italy

12. Saporè
Verona, Italy

13. La Gatta Mangiona
Rome, Italy

14. Bæst
Copenhagen, Denmark

15. Bráz
São Paulo, Brazil

Best restaurants in the world

Best restaurants in the world

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