Is it a plane or a boat? Boeing 767 sets sail to Ireland

The plane is set to take up residence at 'Quirky Nights Glamping' in Co Sligo

Is it a plane or a boat? Boeing 767 sets sail to Ireland

Are you a fan of staying in unusual accommodation while you're on holiday? Well you may be in luck because one businessman has plans to add to his 'Quirky Nights Glamping' venue with a Boeing 767.

That's right, you could spend the night on board a decommissioned passenger aircraft in a field in Co Sligo, Ireland.

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According to the Quirky Glamping website the plane will boast eight en-suite, double bedrooms. Other accommodation options at the site include a train yard, bus stop, taxi rank and marina.

What's more, that's not even the most surreal part of the arrangement. To get the plane where he wanted it, David McGowan had to transport the passenger jet via boat across the Wild Atlantic Way.

Fellow seafarers may have been more than a little confused to see the huge plane gliding across the rocky waves atop a boat.

Onlookers could have been forgiven for thinking the unusual contraption was an 'ekranoplan'. These ground effect vehicles were used by the Soviets and were vehicles designed to fly at low levels over the surface of the water.

McGowan bought the plane from Shannon Airport and he's thought to have paid around £16,000 for the pleasure, Metro reports.

Deidre Whitney is the property manager and the airport, she said: "We pulled out all the stops to assist, with safety and minimising disruption to airport customers our key priority."

"I certainly never thought I would see the day when an aircraft would be put on a barge and set sail out the estuary. It will have a new lease of life which will boost not only the local economy in Enniscrone, but right along the Wild Atlantic Way."

"We wish David and his crew a bon voyage and every success with this venture."

Mr McGowan told Today FM about his plans for the plane: "I have a 15 acre site there of marshy field and I was wondering what I could do with it. Whatever I was going to do with it, it had to be to do with tourism because we're on the Wild Atlantic Way.

"I got the idea that I might like a plane. There are so many planes that have been decommissioned that have gone out of service."

He went on to explain that he rang three airports, Dublin, Cork and Shannon, but only heard back from Shannon who told him the aircraft would be too big.

McGowan wasn't put off by the size though, and bought the plane anyway.

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