Man dies 'subway surfing' in New York

Young man hit head on metal beam while train surfing

Man dies 'subway surfing' in New York

A man has been killed while 'subway surfing' on a train in New York.

James Rubio, a 24-year-old electrician from Queens, was riding on top of a Coney Island-bound F train when he hit is head on a metal beam in the tunnel and fell between two cars.

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The Daily Mail reports that he was found lying unconscious between the train cars by a passenger at the Jay St/MetroTech station at around 2.30am on Friday.

He was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital, where he died from head trauma.

The New York Post reports that Rubio lived in Astoria with his friend and his friend's mum, Carol Magee.

Carol told the paper: "His mother is a basket case right now. I just talked to her and she was like 'I want my Jimmy back'. She's really devastated by this, it's a shock for everyone."

She added: "My son can't even talk right now, he's been so upset.

"It's been hard. Him and my son grew up together, they were in diapers together.

"He was a great kid, he would always like to surround himself with people that made him laugh, he always looked for the good in people, he just enjoyed life."

An official for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Rubio hit his head on a low hanging piece of metal as the train entered a tunnel, reports the NY Daily News.

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