26C! Hottest day of the year on Sunday

Forecasters predict beautiful balmy weekend


Hottest day of the year on Sunday as temperatures to reach 26C

Get excited because there's some serious BBQ weather in store for this weekend.

Forecasters are predicting the hottest day of the year so far on Sunday, with some areas seeing temperatures reach up to 26C.

This will see the UK be warmer than many Mediterranean countries.

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Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "Temperatures could climb to 26C by Sunday in the Greater London area and central-southern England.

"This will make Southern UK one of the warmest areas in Europe, and warmer than just about anywhere over southern Europe.

"It isn't often that the temperature in early May will top 26C. Most of daily records don't show temperatures in the 27 to 28C range until mid May. This will be a pleasant change after the hail, sleet, and snow from last week."

But is it set to last? Leon said: "Temperatures remain above normal for much of next week, but the best of the sunshine will be across the northern half of the UK.

"The south can expect some heavy downpours at times and even a risk of local flooding and storms.

"There will be a cooler trend from the north east later next week as north east winds freshen from the North Sea, especially noticeable in north east England and east Scotland by next Thursday."

The Met Office says it could even reach 25C on Saturday in London.

Its website reads: "Most areas staying dry with bright or sunny spells and feeling warm by afternoon. Chance of isolated evening downpours mainly across western areas. Winds light. Maximum temperature 25 °C."

And it's outlook for the UK from Sunday to Tuesday says: "Sunday will be rather warm, with some thundery showers, but cloudier in the far northwest. Turning unsettled across the south during Monday and Tuesday, with thundery downpours, but staying warm."

We'll take that.

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