'Mama Westray': Tourist brochure promotes spoof Scottish island

Mysterious spoof pamphlet says 'Cate Blanchett is a regular visitor'

'Mama Westray': Tourist brochure promotes spoof Scottish island

A mysterious tourist brochure is circulating promoting the 'attractions' of a spoof island in Scotland called Mama Westray.

The name is a play on the name of a real island in Scotland called Papa Westray.

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The pamphlet jokingly claims that Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett is a regular visitor to the island, and that she "keeps her own pedal car in a garage at the airport".

The brochure also talks about the island's famous "fish-eating pigs".

It reads: "Ask anyone anywhere in the world to tell you one thing they know about Mama Westray, and the most likely response will be 'the fish-eating pigs'.

"In line with controversial EU discard laws, fishermen must dump at sea all fish accidentally caught in excess of their quota.

"Rather than let the surplus catch go to waste, the islanders have trained their pigs to swim out into the bay and eat the fish as it's thrown overboard.

"The younger pigs are fitted with buoyancy aids until they gain full confidence in the water.

"Mama Westray pork has an unpleasant flavour reminiscent of rotten squid. It is, however, popular in Japan where it is served with starfish puree and pickled frogs' eggs."

According to the Scotsman, it also promotes The Tropical Gardens of Nether Biggings and "the world-famous Tomb of the Haddock".

The BBC reports that some locals on the real island of Papa Westray are concerned that the brochure could cause some confusion with existing promotional material.

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