Forest hiker 'on the verge of dying' rescued after five days

Video shows emotional conversation between mother and daughter

Hikers Rescued After Days In Wilderness Thanks To 'Help' Sign Made Using Sticks

A mother and daughter who spent five days lost in a New Zealand forest after going for a one-day hike have told how they dealt with coming close to death.
Carolyn Lloyd, 45, and daughter Rachel, 22, from North Carolina, were spotted in Tararua Forest Park by a search helicopter Saturday morning - in the nick of time.

Rachel was very weak and dehydrated as they had very little food over the course of the four days.

The mother and daughter made two "help" signs and arrows pointing to their location, Jason Diedrichs, director and chief pilot with Amalgamated Helicopters, told ABC News.

"We kind of knew I was dying... we were even discussing my dying wishes".

The pair, who huddled together for warmth and rationed their supplies, were airlifted to a hospital and are now recovering.