Tourist says husband had affair with New Zealand Airbnb host

Couple divorcing after 30 years following trip to Auckland

Tourist says husband had affair with New Zealand Airbnb host

An American tourist has told how her husband had an affair with a New ZealandAirbnb host.

The couple chose to stay in Airbnb accommodation over a hotel in Auckland, but are now in the process of a divorce.

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According to the NZ Herald, she said: "Our host was a single middle-aged woman who was unusually solicitous and intrusive during our stay, calling periodically to ask if everything was all right and even asking to come by to make sure that the cleaning ladies were doing a good job.

"My husband, who had arrived a few days before I did and met the host first, told me on my arrival that the host had gratuitously told him many personal details about herself and her past relationships.

"He thought her a rather sad and needy woman at the time, or at least that's what he told me. I returned home to the US a week before my husband did, and that's when our host and my husband got to know each other better."

The woman goes onto explain how the couple are now divorcing after 30 years of marriage, while the new relationship is still ongoing.

The scorned lady has told her story as a cautionary tale to others, adding that, although there are thousands of positive ones, her experience of Airbnb "turned out to be a twisted form of internet dating in my case."

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