Ibiza tourists face £600 fine for drinking water in streets

The move is a bid to clamp down on island’s booze culture

Ibiza tourists face £600 fine for drinking water in streets

British tourists heading to Ibiza this summer could face large fines for drinking in the streets - even if it's just water.

The bylaw is being considered by San Antonio to make it easier for police to control drinking.

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Aida Alcaraz, a town councillor in San Antonio told The Local: "Given how difficult it is for police to differentiate between whether it is alcohol or a softdrink being consumed it is necessary to adopt an outright ban.

"Obviously people will be allowed to consume drinks on the terraces of bars, but they won't be able to take the drinks off the premises."

However, some people have pointed out that this could lead to members of the public suffering from dehydration as temperatures can get searingly hot in the summer.

According to RT News, Popular Party councillor Jose Sala said: "This is impossible and possibly even unconstitutional. We are prepared to discuss changes to bylaws but not this one."

The Mirror reports that one resident said: "In the baking hot weather, you can't leave your house without a bottle of water and this could end up with someone dying."

The law still has to get an official green light, but looks likely to go ahead.

The minimum fine for an infringement is 750 euros rising to 3,000 euros for serious or repeat offences.

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