Hotel Wifi more important than breakfast, say British travellers

And one thing we can't stand is no plug sockets near the bed

Brits want wifi on holiday, not breakfast

Forget the free breakfast buffet: Wifi is the number one thing Brits want when on holiday, says a new survey.

The study, from energy company E.ON, has revealed what we really look for when we go on holiday and the results may surprise you.

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According to the Daily Express, travellers are now carrying as many as five gadgets with them when they go on holiday, so power points for chargers and wifi for a quick connection are fast becoming a priority in hotels.

The E.ON research also showed that one thing that drives us completely mad is when power sockets are located too far away from the bed, it reports.

The survey backs up other studies of British travellers which have also found that Wifi is the number one priority for hotel guests.

A recent study carried out by the Amba Hotel in London found that 67% of guests said that free wifi would make them more likely to choose accommodation. This compares with 65% of guests who said location was more important, and 40% who said that friendliness of the hotel staff was the deciding factor.

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