Baby penguins take their first swim

This video is pure joy to watch

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These adorable baby penguins took their first swim in front of a delighted crowd at Dallas Zoo this week.

The penguins are around three months old and now have their adult feathers, so they're able to swim.

"We just put them out in the pool. Mom and dad came out for a little bit along with the older sister," Sprina Liu, Curator of Births at the Dallas Zoo, told news outlet

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"They did great. Their first drop in the water was a little bit ungraceful, but they quickly learned, got in and out of the pool pretty quickly, so we're pretty happy with how they did," Liu said.

The chicks seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, but this was just a test run to see how they'll do when they're introduced to the rest of the penguin posse next week.

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