Weatherman sacked for fart noises during report on wind

Bosses didn't find comedy scene so funny

Weatherman sacked for fart noises during report on wind

A weatherman has been fired after pretending to do a giant fart while reporting on a windy front.

Szilard Horvath decided to improvise and put on the comedy scene by using recorded fart noises while physically pretending to do a fart at the same time.​

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But his bosses at Hungarian TV2 didn't see the funny side and he was swiftly removed from his position.

According to the Metro and the Guardian, Mr Horvath wrote on Facebook: '"If Mr Bean or Benny Hill farts, everyone laughs, but now a big deal is being made about this.

"It's turned out I can't do the weather on TV2 anymore... I need to find work."

Meanwhile, back in September, a weather reporter unintentionally got a lot of laughs after freaking out when a large insect flew towards him during a live TV broadcast.

Fox 5 San Diego's Brad Willis didn't know the camera was rolling when he let out a shriek as the bug flew into his face on San Diego beach.

"What is that?" he screamed, before adding: "Because it's hot outside stuff like that happens."

After his meltdown Willis asked: "Was that live? Are we live? Oh brother."

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